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Screening Customers and Distributors is Integral to your Export Management and Compliance Program!

If you are just looking for a rubber stamp, you are in the wrong place. Laws regarding anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-corruption are not just for financial institutions looking to confirm the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO); the US Government has significantly expanded restrictions regarding sanctioned Chinese Military Companies (CMC) and Military End Users (MEU) in China, Russia, and Venezuela. Increased purchases of “nonstandard ammunition” in Europe have heightened requirements for accurate and timely screening of new suppliers. GloBIS can help you learn who is behind a company, including whether it is ultimately controlled by a restricted entity. You must Know Your Customers (KYC) or risk heavy fines and revocation of your export license!

The leading cause of unfavorable Blue Lantern results is “derogatory information / foreign party deemed unreliable.” Annually this accounts for almost 50% of cases (Source). This means simply by ensuring you have accurate and sufficient information on your international partner, you can significantly mitigate your risk of non compliance with US Export Controls.

Need to know everyone in the ownership chain, to AML standards or down to 0.01%? Order our Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) report to quickly learn all the shareholder details of companies worldwide.

GloBIS provides the unbiased facts about any company anywhere in the world – any size, any industry, any location, and any type of company. Find out who really owns that company, who their affiliates are worldwide, their litigation record, adverse Internet content, etc.


GloBIS will find the threat before it becomes a problem.

Order an up-to-date due diligence check on them from an unbiased third party who is a Strategic Partner and long-time supplier of International Company Profile (ICP) reports to the US Department of Commerce, on Ex-Im Bank’s short list of accepted credit information sources, and a WBENC Certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), like Chicago based GloBIS.

Use the GloBIS Compliance Red Flags Warning Signs Checklist on every potential partner from the start!
Or have GloBIS' professionals run this for you (US$250)

GloBIS' services are rendered by a neutral observer, i.e., not someone whose goal is a bonus if you start a business relationship with the Subject company. GloBIS reports add extra layers of assurance that the information is fact-based, impartial, and that Red Flags are highlighted for the client’s attention.


GloBIS' freshly investigated Fullcheck Reports cost US$265 on companies in Asia; US$305 on companies elsewhere.
Delivery time is 7 business days.

This report is so comprehensive, it is probably all you will need!

We have seen a dramatic rise in imposters - people pretending to work for legitimate businesses. You should investigate a company and also confirm the person you are dealing with actually holds that position in that company. All GloBIS freshly investigated Fullcheck reports include having us verify the person you are communicating with truly works for that company, in that role!

GloBIS' Local Language Media Services (LLMS) are an excellent way to gather derogatory information on a Subject in countries where litigation records are inaccessible and/or situations are too new to find elsewhere.

Additional services highly relevant to compliance:
  • Site visits/interviews
  • Reference checking

  • OFAC checking

See a sample with these extras
See a detailed price list


Ultimately it is your decision to go with a business partner, which also means it is your responsibility to show you made your best effort to properly screen them by ordering a high-caliber and impartial due diligence report on them.

You need this and GloBIS has it.


You mean if I had ordered this $265 report from GloBIS, I wouldn't have this $27 million fine on my desk?



Thrilled to have won
EXIM's GSA contract to provide Foreign Credit Reports!
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