Information on any company, anywhere.

Whether to find or vet a supplier/buyer/ distributor, uncover a scam, or gather information on a global market, GloBIS will uncover the facts.

GloBIS has partnered with top business information companies worldwide in order to provide you with the most accurate, highest quality, up-to-date, unbiased, and competitively priced global business intelligence available. Our coverage in China and CIS is especially outstanding.

Doing your homework upfront about a foreign company can save you millions in the end. Conducting research on your competitors can help you increase your market share.

We can help you learn if a company truly exists, what its trade practices have been in recent years, what its payment records are, if they infringed on another company’s Intellectual Property, etc. The correct information can mitigate your risk in doing business in today’s vibrant global economy by revealing your potential partner’s business history. This will help save you from defaulted payments, illegally copied products, and from making the wrong partner choice. Let us help you succeed in doing business internationally.


  • Business Credit Reports

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • Market Research

  • Enterprise Databases/Lists

  • Local Language Media Searches (LLMS)

  • Due Diligence

  • Site Visits/Interviews

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Fullcheck Reports on companies worldwide
This report is so comprehensive, it is probably all you will need!

$265 – $305 (depending on country) This freshly investigated 6-15 page Report is the official Company registration information plus extensive credit information on the company, including balance sheet, income statement, litigation record, related parties worldwide with a corresponding relationship graph, Shareholders (including their nationality), Directors, etc. Each profile’s content is verified with public records and the company itself when you place your order, so it is as fresh as possible. The average delivery time is 7 business days.

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We can add the below services to most Fullchecks:

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GloBIS Blitz Scam Screening© checks key indicators to provide you a rapid response whether you are probably dealing with a scammer. (US$250; response within 24 hours)

Additional Reports

See the official statutory information on the Subject company (not available everywhere). Order a Site Visit on a company, with or without an Interview - we travel there so you don't have to!

Business Partner Search

Get a list of companies matching your search criteria – key word, location, business type…

Market Feasibility and Entry Study

The parameters of these reports are designed with you so that we can provide you with the most pertinent information for your needs – at the best price possible. Contact us for a free price quote.

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