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Proprietary Market Research - Worldwide. Delivery times and prices vary by region.

GloBIS provides various levels of Market Research reports, from small investigations lasting weeks to large investigations over months, and always conducted specifically for our clients with our exceptional in-country expertise. Clients range from new to export to seasoned professionals looking for an additional edge.

Though GloBIS can conduct Market Research worldwide, our particular strengths and on-the ground resources/associates are located in the following regions and countries:
Latin America (especially Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela) MENA (especiall
y UAE), Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Ghana, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.


GloBIS' Local Language Media Services (LLMS) are an excellent way to assess regional market trends, get the local pulse on a topic, and to receive transcription and translation services in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Turkish, etc.

Business Partner Search

Get a list of companies matching your search criteria – key word, location, business type…

Market Feasibility and Entry Study

The parameters of these reports are designed with you so that we can provide you with the most pertinent information for your needs – at the best price possible. Contact us for a free price quote.

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